Professional Exterminators for Sherwood Park

We Service All Types of Bed Bug Infestations

We are specialized in exterminating Bed Bugs.  We are proud of that.  And we can provide our expertise to any situation that has encountered bed bugs.  Resolving it successfully.

Residential Bed Bug Exterminator

We can offer you a treatment guarantee because our treatments work.  It's as plain as that.  Our heat and powder treatments kill bed bugs and their eggs. 

Commercial Bed Bug Exterminator

We treat each and every client with care.  We are committed to showing dignity, respect, and confidentiality to you and all of your property.

Industrial Bed Bug Exterminator

We have encountered bed bugs in some of the most unusual locations!  But we have never run into any that we cannot treat.  Take that, Bed Bugs! Learn More

Mice Control

Need Help with Mice?
We have an effective mice control system that will rid you of unwanted mice on your property.

Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches a Problem?
They won't be when you
hire Professional Pest Management
to get rid of them!