Residential Bed Bug Exterminator

We are proud to service Sherwood Park and all outlying communities. With years of experience, we bring a proven solution to clients that rid them of unwanted pests. We guarantee it!  Proudly serving Edmonton, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan and all communities in between!

Sherwood Park's Residential Bed Bug Exterminators

When Bed Bugs Show Up, Contact Us
No matter what, you don't need to confront a bed bug problem by yourself. In Sherwood Park, many have been able to manage the dilemma by getting assistance from a professional. At Professional Pest Management, we have extensive experience in dealing with this issue. We are discreet, polite, and thoughtful no matter the situation. Our top priority is to analyze the problem and come up with a plan that brings you comfort and confidence.

Residential Bed Bug Exterminator

It can be a highly stressful situation when bed bugs are discovered in your home. We are here to help you and will work together to promptly and effectively eliminate the problem.

How Could You Have Bed Bugs!

Many of our clients are taken aback when they find out they have bed bugs. They can't wrap their heads around how this could have happened. They usually feel embarrassed and think that this implies their house is not hygienic enough. We want to emphasize that this is absolutely not the case!
No matter how hard you work to keep your home in pristine condition, bed bugs won't take notice. These critters are masters of disguise and can travel on clothing, luggage, and other items. It can be tricky to detect them if you don't know what to look for, so they can spread from one place to another before you're aware of their presence. We don't want to cause panic, but you should know that bed bugs don't discriminate between clean and messy environments. It might be easier to spot them in a tidier home, but that doesn't mean they won't also set up shop in a disorganized one.

When we are approached by homeowners dealing with bed bugs, we want to help them feel at ease. We provide them with helpful details about the creatures, like their behaviors and the most successful means of eradication. Additionally, we provide advice on how to avoid them from coming back. Our customers are usually thankful for this, as they never want to go through this problem a second time. Thanks to our two-step strategy of heat treatment and powder treatment, we can make sure they don't have to.
‚ÄčIf you have a bed bug problem, don't try to take care of it alone. Contact Professional Pest Management for assistance. We will work quickly to restore your home to a bug-free environment. We specialize in bed bug removal in Sherwood Park and take pride in the services we provide.